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Monday, April 6, 2009

Comfort in History

By Sara Laub
I’ve been reading a lot of history involving politics, previous wars and the diverse perspectives involved. It has seemed to relate to the present since there is sensitivity about the troops in Iraq and how the politicians should manage the “economic crisis”.
Through my reading I have gained knowledge but not necessarily answers. The knowledge has led me to an increased perspective, tolerance, frustration, and also comfort.
So much is out of our hands as citizens and we put our trust in our elected leaders in times of crisis and despair. In history there are accounts of many perspectives and all can be analyzed in a small amount of time by merely reading. As we are living through the current issues at hand it is difficult to know why different choices are made and I have come to respect, that in time, the things that I don’t understand will be available to research in the future. Although this has given me tolerance, I continue in my frustration that I would like to have that information available to me now.
In my research of the previous wars the United States has been involved in, people are always on opposite sides of support, in favor or not in-favor. It has given me comfort to learn from history and it has been difficult to find what specifically gives me the comfort. In learning more about the past, I have gained a sense of wonder at the present and I feel courage and hope that I did not have before. A sense of relief and calm has overtaken and I am secure in my status as an American citizen. The United States of America is truly an amazing place to live and I feel the pride that goes with being a part of a great country, the freedoms we embrace and the life we are allowed to live.

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