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Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Eggs at Random

By Kevin Laub
Once again I have decided to fill some space to enlighten you on all the many random ways I can think of to hide Easter eggs.
1. A birds nest: it is quite an obvious pick but man that bird will be thinking “What a strange looking egg.”
2. Next to the key under the welcome mat. Just hope you don’t expect company.
3. In the tail pipe. You don’t even have to dye that egg because the exhaust will do it for you. Cooking isn’t necessary either.
4. Mail box because it fits.
5. Locate where the dog buries the bone and make space for the eggs too. The dog will get a double treat!
6. Float them down the river and the kids will take hours to find them.
7. Up the rain gutter. You’ll find Easter eggs every time it rains, allowing the holiday to linger longer.
8. Put them in Mason Jars and bury them throughout the garden. Then you can use a metal detector to find them. This can also double for tilling the garden.
9. Because of the recent Scout Campout catapult competition, we can now use the one they built to launch Easter eggs throughout the town. The excitement of the season can take flight.
10. Are you ready? Hide them back in the chicken coop. This will throw everyone off, especially the chickens.

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