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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Precious Animals

Reader Submitted-
"Residents of Gunlock,
“I have been observing over the past 11 years how the residents of Gunlock allow their precious dogs to run free in town and attack and abuse, not only jeopardize the animal's lives but human's property and lives.
"Now first off, anyone in Gunlock that really knows me, knows my love and protection of our pure animals, a gift from our Heavenly Father.
“There are a residents in Gunlock, who have dogs, that run free and use other resident's property as a bathroom ( to put it nicely) these dogs, unfortunately are mean, abusive dogs. (not saying much about the owners) Obviously the owner does not respect their dogs or the other Gunlock resident's property.
“Recently a dog of a dear friend of Gunlock for the first time in years left their property and visited the property of the resident's of the dogs that are allowed to run free and dispose of their Bowels and urine in other's property, not to mention the aggravation they cause to others. Confirmed by the Vet this innocent dog, (whom I know personally) was attacked and beaten by Human Hand.
“At one time I was told by a resident my dog had attacked their animal, which was not true, I know this to be a fact because of the date and the time of the incident, we were not in town and my dog was with us. How SAD.........
“What I find Un-Christian is these residents somehow think they are above others in this town that their animals can go and come and abuse other's property and animals. How do you, and I will not mention names, but YOU know who you are, think you are so above respecting your fellow BROTHERS and SISTERS and the animals that our Heavenly Father blessed us with. I find that through the years the residents of Gunlock are not the pure souls that they want others to believe, have you forgotten our FATHER sees ALL? I do not judge others, our FATHER will do that, but I will protect the innocent beings that our FATHER has given to us.
“I have watched and seen things that people do in this town and have kept quiet, but someone has to speak up for the innocent animals that you abuse.
“Those of you that are guilty will have to answer for their sins to our FATHER...
-Rose Nawrocki”

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