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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January GSSD Meeting

By Sara Laub
Since it is the beginning of the year, the board elected each member for each office. Kip Bowler is Chair, Scott Holt is Vice Chair and over the meters, Roxanne Aplanalp is Clerk, Diann Covington is Treasurer, Dusty Leavitt is over the water system, and Odean Bowler is over the park and street lights. The meetings will continue to be held on the first Thursday of each month, excluding July and August at 7:00pm.
Gunlock was not able to qualify for the grant the GSSD applied for because or resident income limitations. Street lights may be donated to Gunlock and the board is considering having some put in the park. There are enough to do the entire town but it would cost a lot of money to put them in since the power source is on the bottom of the new ones and at the top of the old street lights. There would more street lights if they put them in and it would be brighter. The board plans to have a town hearing to help decide what the residents want to do with the street lights.
A training manual was made for each of the board members by Roxanne Aplanalp. It includes bylaws, resolutions, board member job description, maps of the water system, etc. This will be an excellent resource for the board and the town.

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