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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It Stinks!

By Sara Laub
Gunlock has had a very foul stench for most of the month of April. Unknowingly, I thought it would go away once the digging stopped on the reservoir. To my surprise, Blue Bunny has received a permit to dump their waste right on the edge of our town. I called Paul from the county and he said he has come out to investigate the problem, and they have not been following the directions for the permit. They have not been mixing the waste in with the soil and that is why it stinks so much.
Blue Bunny wants to maintain good relations with Gunlock, and will do what it takes to take the smell away or it will use the other dump sites it has access to. I am hopeful this situation will be figured out and we will no longer have the fumes from waste overtaking our noses.
If you continue to smell the foul odor, give Paul a call at 986-2590 so something can be done to fix it.

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