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Thursday, April 8, 2010

March GSSD

By Sara Laub
Representatives from Rural Water came to the March meeting and were able to give the board direction on how to best set up the chlorination system for the town, time wise and financially. The board has been trying to find grants to fund a chlorination system but the suggestion was made to put the current system back into service which would cost a lot less and take less time. The grant would not even be needed but they would have to figure out a separate chlorinator for the Smith line. It would meet the standards needed to comply with the state regulations but there was the concern of the well since it is not chlorinated. Rural Water said that since the well is used seasonally that the chlorination put in the tanks should be adjusted because the chlorine will be diluted from the well water. There is a large range of how much chlorine can be in the water system to pass requirements and it should work to turn up the chlorine when the well is on and turn it down when the well is out of use after the summer months. This new development is a huge relief since there will be no need to have a grant and it can be done relatively quickly, meaning a few months, to get the system meeting the requirements.
Some board members attended the Rural Water conference and came back with interesting information. There is interactive software that is being used to monitor and keep
track of the water system called "hydrolic water modeling". It is available to everyone so anyone can see it and it gives automatic reports.

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