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Saturday, March 5, 2011

March GSSD

By Sara Laub
On Monday Feb 28, Kip Bowler, Scott Holt, and Judy Leavitt met with 9 FEMA representatives to discuss flood repairs. FEMA was given a tour of the damage to the water system and given information that they needed. The board is going to get plans together and get bids from contractors to fix the flood damage. FEMA allows 45 days to provide funding and if they do, it will be seventy-five percent of the cost. The GSSD does have funds in savings to cover the twenty-five percent if FEMA helps but there is an opportunity to receive a grant to cover the twenty-five percent and they are pursuing that.
Progress is continuing with the detachment of the Smith Ranch connection. Water rights will have to be traded by the GSSD and given to the Smith’s in order to sever their connection with the GSSD. As each item is dealt with, more items have come up but all are achievable. “We are moving forward,” Kip Bowler commented.
The street lights have been fixed and discussion on the park fence falling down ensued. A chain link fence with honeysuckles on it to conceal neighboring property was discussed to replace the old fence. Nothing was determined.
The certified operator reported that all water tests passed, hand chlorination is still being done, residual levels were fine when taken, telemetry issues are being addressed, and materials for the tank gasket have been discovered and will be attended to. Arsenic test will continue for another year since the tests are not consistent. The arsenic levels pass without problem. All tests were done on time for the EPA.
A few board members went to the RWAU conference and stated it was “worthwhile” and “invaluable.” It has already been of immediate help with the Smith Ranch connection and also working with FEMA. It is a good investment because it informs the board of the changes in procedures, parts, maintenance, and also legislative changes the GSSD has to be aware of.
The board wants to encourage community support at the GSSD meetings. There is a lot going on for our town and it is good to have the community involved and informed. Come to the water board meetings the first Thursday of the month.

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