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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Water Conservation in Utah

Here are some tips to conserve water taken from
Simple steps to a healthier lawn:
*Raise the height of your lawn mower to 3”
*Add more days between irrigations.
*Don’t water during the hottest part of the day.
*Check and repair any sprinkler heads that are leaking or are tilting to the side.
*When watering, break up the zone times by cycling your sprinkler system.
*Add a pressure reducer to your sprinkler system.
*Add a “smart controller timer” to your sprinkler system.
Indoor Water Conservation Tips:
*Do full loads of dishes and laundry
*Fix leaks (averages 14% of indoor water use)
*Take shorter showers
*Keep water in the refrigerator for drinking water
*Turn the water off while you brush your teeth
*Install Faucet aerators, they can reduce output from 2.5 gal/min to 1.5 gal/min.

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