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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still Don't Want To Go?

By Sara Laub
I have heard people say that board meetings are terrible, that no one wants to go to them since people aren’t very civil. I’ve been to nearly every one in 4 years and I can say that although there was truth to the above statement, it has not been that way for some time.
Perhaps it is because the new water system is in and there isn’t controversy over what goes where and why. There really are no debates at this point especially since the GSSD is held tightly to the rules of the state. They are being pushed and prodded and molded into a professional entity. It is very fascinating and encouraging. The GSSD used to be a small town district that was able to do things their way but time and rules have changed that. There is no way to go back, but with that there are positive things. I think one of those is the civility in the meetings themselves.
Old ideas die hard but there is always a chance. I spoke to my husband the other day about how difficult it was for me to understand how some people tend to make up their minds about things even if it means they will miss out on good things. I’m sure it is a protection for some, possibly a lazy excuse for others. How can we make up our minds when we know we don’t know everything? We know life changes and even surprises us sometimes. Maybe change is hard and it is easier to believe the past than jump into the present.
I guess my article supports the GSSD meetings. I believe residents should go to the meetings and support and voice opinions, good or bad. If anything, there is much to be informed about. My newsletter can’t possibly cover it all. There is a new water system in town and there are a lot of new things to know about it and how it needs to be run. The board members have made incredible progress filling their roles in this different system. There is even a feeling of success as the GSSD has enlisted in its purpose to provide water following all the guidelines.
Simply, I think people should go to meetings for the community and for themselves.

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