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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

GSSD Elects a New Member

By Sara Laub

A new member for the Gunlock Special Service District was voted in at the February meeting. Respected and long time board member Helen Gardner resigned and her position was then posted with only one timely response.

Scott Holt was voted in three votes to two votes. The opposing voters voiced their desire to wait until the March meeting to see if there was anyone else interested in the position, since the board had ninety days to fill the vacancy. Those voting in favor of Holt said that they wanted to “...just get it done.”

The GSSD also voted in favor, three votes to two, to pay the water bill for the Town Hall. Once again, the two votes opposing said they wanted to wait until other issues were resolved for financing. And again, those in favor wanted to “...just get it done.”

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