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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

This is me... (Opinion)

By Sara Laub

This is my chance to say whatever I want since this is my opinion page. The thing that engaged me was ethics being brought up during the February GSSD meeting. There have been disappointing events at many of the meetings and I observed too much emotional involvement that, frankly, is inappropriate. This town is small and there are emotional things that happen, but there are appropriate places and ways where emotion can be displayed. Many people outside of this town have said that they, understandably, think the politics here are outrageous.

Back to ethics, is it ethical to have so much emotion at the GSSD meetings and should the community and board members allow each other to emotionally attack other citizens at the meetings? No. Is there a more effective way of getting public comment with out having emotion rule the meetings? There is a way and it is their responsibility. Does the community have a responsibility to express themselves appropriately? Yes, they are responsible. The water board meetings can be more productive and more stable if everyone does their part to act appropriately. We can change our reputation as a town so we can have an even better place to live.

Speaking of appropriate emotion, the Gunlock Park is on the agenda for the GSSD meeting on March 6. The town made that park possible by donations and other sacrifices. Here are some things to think about to help encourage you to go to the March meeting.

Gunlock incurred debt by redoing the water system and will be paying it back for many years to come. Next, the value of the caretakers and the job they are doing compared to the price paid to have them there. Consider the value of the park to the community and how much it is used. Should the GSSD continue the soda machine or should it be turned over to a private party? Here are some possible options:

  1. Leave the park as it is
  2. Keep the park without the caretakers
  3. Keep the park with the caretakers and have them pay their utilities (power, water, etc.
  4. Sell the park and use the money to pay off debt

These are my ideas and I really would like to hear your views at the meeting.

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