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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

St. Patrick's Day (Something Extra)

3. St. Patrick's Day falls on this mainstream Christan Season
4. Until the 1970's, many of these were required to remain closed on March 17th
6. The official St. Patrick's Day Festival is held in this Irish city
8. St Patrick's mission to the Irish lasted for ______ years
9. Late 19th century Irish-American voting block (2 words)
11. Small, green plant known to the Celts as "seamroy"
15. The Irish have their own version of these famous musical instruments
17. The Great _______ Famine
18. City where first St. Patrick's Day Parade was held (2 words)
19. Christian conversion upset this group of pagan monks
1. Color associated with March 17th
2. Shiny, valuable metal that leprechauns are believed to guard
5. The first American city to celebrate the holiday
7. Irish folklore character whose original name was "lobaircin" meaning "small-bodied fellow"
10. City famous for dying its river green for the holiday
12. Finding a leprechaun's treasure depends upon following this object to its end
13. St. Patrick's birth name
14. "The ______ of the Irish"
16. The patron Saint of Ireland
20. St. Patrick spent ______ years in slavery in Ireland

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