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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Community Spotlight: The Harold Wallace Family

The Wallace family includes Harold, Annette, Melissa and Derek. The Wallaces have lived in Gunlock for about four years. They were originally from the Salt Lake area, lived in Pocatello, Idaho for seven years, then moved to St. George. Harold was born in Maine and moved to Salt Lake when he was nine.

Harold was driving from Gunlock Lake to Baker Lake and saw their current residence for rent and he knew that Annette would love it. Harold works for Wheeler Machinery and Annette works for Walmart.

Golfing, fishing, camping and sports are just a few of this families favorite pastimes.

Gunlock is special to them because everyone is like and extension of their family and in tough times, everyone sticks together. They have never felt so at home in any community they have ever lived in.

Harold and Annette just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and on the same day, their present to each other and their children was getting sealed in the St. George Temple. Annette said, “We want to thank everyone in the town for all of your support in getting there. In times of need, like around Christmas time and other times, we have been overwhelmed by kindness from this community.”

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