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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Speed Limit Dangers

By Rachel Campbell

Summer is almost here, bringing with it the longer hours and beautiful weather. With all this fine weather, it is no wonder families and children are finding themselves outside for more of their daily activities. Walks, bike rides, and playing in the yard has begun to take over like some sort of viral plague.

However, with all of these new activities, some citizens have become concerned about the safety of the community from the drivers on the road. At either end of town, the speed limit drops dramatically, from 40mph to 25mph.

At the end of town near the rodeo grounds, there is a rather mean cattle guard that causes a majority of cars to slow way down before entering town. But at the other end of town, there is no cattle guard to forewarn motorists of the town ahead and though the speed limit sign is placed well before the first residence, many drivers do not slow down to 25mph until the LDS church building. Several concerned citizens have suggested speed bumps to help this increasingly dangerous problem.

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