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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

GSSD Under Budget

By Sara Laub

The final bill has been assessed for the water system upgrade and it is $350 under budget. The system has a one year warranty that began in November 2007 when the project was finished. The GSSD will pay the water bill for the Town Hall beginning in February 2008 when it was voted for approval and previous unpaid bills and late fees for the structure were waived.

The park discussion was put on hold until the May meeting since Nadine Heaton, the member over the park, was ill. The Weeds submitted a proposal for their duties of the park including taking over the soda machine and then paying their own power bill. Odean Bowler said that the state does not like the water board to deal with cash at all and the soda machine is the only cash they handle. Kip Bowler was concerned if there was enough for caretaker compensation, then community members expressed that they were getting free rent and that could be enough compensation. It was left undecided to be discussed at the May meeting. The park has some broken sprinklers and other maintenance that will be taken care of, the contract for the caretakers will be redone, and the dumpster will also be considered. Gail Humphries wondered if the Rodeo Committee could take on the park.

Judy Leavitt was voted in to take the job opening of Water Operator and was employed immediately following the April Gunlock Special Service District meeting. She is prepared to take the necessary training required for the position.

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