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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November GSSD Meeting

By Rachel Campbell
The majority of the November water board meeting was taken in discussion of the new chlorination system. One of the engineers working on the project from Alpha Engineering was in attendance to present the suggested plan of action. It was determined that using gaseous chlorine would be less expensive than the tablet system previously considered. The Board was worried about the toxicity of the gas should there be a leak in the tank, but the engineer reassured them that as long as their was a vent in the chlorination building, that it would not be an issue.
The proposed system would take the pump from the Smith’s tank and put it after the chlorination building where it would pump water back up to the tank it originated from in a newly installed pipeline. This chlorination system would bring the water system up to code, chlorination-wise, with as little cost to the town as possible.
To pay for the system, the town needs a grant. The grant requires an income survey of every household. Most everyone should have already completed this before the December meeting, but if you have not, please come to the meeting so that the board can get that information. The December meeting will also host the public hearing for the 2010 budget and the water board will be filling the two board vacancies.
New lights will be installed at the park next to the pedestal in the corner. The lights will be new photocell lights which are more expensive, but more energy efficient.

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