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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Reply to the November News

Thanks for your newsletter.
I just wanted to tell you of one of the funniest Halloween parties I remember. I think the year was 1949, everyone had gathered at the "Old church house" for fun and games. All the benches were pushed back against the wall. Everyone in town dressed up. My mom, Jessie Hunt, said she wasn't feeling well and would not be attending and she was going to bed. So we all went without her. In those days there was not such a thing as bought masks, and costumes, you had to come up with your own which was really a fun part of it.
So we are all having a great time when in through the front door came this old man and woman. They were kind of like bums/tramps. They went around poking people and laughing this hideous laugh. When finally they "unveiled." It was MY MOTHER and MILT HOLT.
Oh how we all laughed. It was certainly "THE" talk of the town for weeks. I thought you might enjoy that little story.
-Mary Ellen Strong

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