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Friday, April 4, 2008

A New Vision for the Park

By Rachel Campbell
Members of the Gunlock Special Service District decided in the March meeting on forming a new plan for the Gunlock park. It was decided that the member over the park, Nadine Heaton, would put together a plan in which the community would help in the up keep of the park. Any individuals or groups that would like to help are encouraged to volunteer.

The proposed clean up would essentially consist of general landscape duty, such as weed pulling and sod laying. Hyrum Smith generously promised to donate sod to the cause.

Also discussed for the park was a playground and a new basketball court. Though formally thought to be unattainable, due to high insurance premiums, a playground plan started to take shape. The GSSD is looking into grants and donations to help fund the playground. It was decided that the benefit of the playground would far out weigh the cost of the insurance payments.

The new basketball court was proposed because of the new fire station that will be built next to the Town Hall . Concern for the safety of the citizens that use the court was expressed and it was discussed that the park would be a safer alternative to the present location.

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