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Friday, April 4, 2008

Simply Jane

3. Town in which Austen died
5. Mother's maiden name
6. She spent her first 25 years in this English country
7. After the death of her father, the Austen women went to live with this brother
9. Her brother and literary agent
10. Oldest Dashwood daughter in Sense & Sensibility
13. Jane's father's profession
14. _____ and Prejudice
17. _____ Park
19. Austen character portrayed by Knightly and Ehle (two words)
1. The first Jane Austen book ever published (in 1811)
2. Jane was born in this winter month
4. Her father's name
8. Age of Austen when she died
11. The only man known to have porposed to Austen
12. Austen's residence after her father retired
13. Austen's older sister
15. This Austen novel was the basis for the movie Clueless
16. Austen was one of ____ children who made it to adulthood
18. One of the forms of speech in which Austen was so masterful

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