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Friday, April 4, 2008

Who Do You Know?

By Sara Laub

Why do those people in the line get a taller ice cream cone just because they know the person selling it to them? In life it seems that there are always people who get a break just because they know someone. How fair is it that there are only a few of us that know the right people that can give these breaks? Many of us have learned that life isn’t fair so that, in itself, makes it fair.

To all of our advantage, many of us are benefited from the few who know the right people. We all know Tyler Truman knows the country music group Due West and because of that we all were able to enjoy their talent. We are all given the opportunity to bless each other in our lives and be the “someone” that gives the people we know a “break”. This makes life fair.

Steve Holt gave the suggestion to spotlight different families in the town in the newsletter and I agree that it would be a good idea so we can all get to know each other better. Keep your eyes open in future issues to learn about your neighbors!

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