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Friday, April 4, 2008

Town Hall Meeting

By Sara Laub

The town had a community meeting at the Town Hall where two county officials came and gave a report on the hazard analysis survey they had conducted. They explained that the snow pack this year is equivalent to the snow pack of 2005 when it flooded, and the fire danger is also high due to cheat grass.

The fire season lasts for five months, starting in May and being prepared for the hazards was strongly emphasized. Family evacuation plans, 72 hour kits, defensible space around homes, and the available sandbag machine were discussed to help the community be prepared. A stronger bridge is going to be built on the north end of town to endure the flooding.

After the Community Disaster meeting, a meeting to discuss the Town Hall and Fire Department was held by Ed Bowler and endorsed by the other members of the Town Hall trustees. Three committees were created to fulfill the contract made between the town and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the acquisition of the Town Hall. The committees consist of Grounds, Fire Department, & Demolition. To volunteer for a committee, contact Ed Bowler.

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