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Friday, April 4, 2008

Citizen Comment

I’m thrilled to hear that someone is trying to keep everyone informed of what is going on!!! Thanks so much.

Mary Ellen S.


Enjoyed the newsletter immensely! You and Rachel did a great job putting it together. I think it is a great idea. I would only wish that it could be mailed out each month instead of being placed at the mailboxes. They could conveniently disappear or the wind could blow them over to Mesquite. You have our support in this new adventure. Being informed as to what is going on is key - a little unity wouldn’t hurt this town at all either.

Jane O.

To The Gunlock Informer,

I want to thank all who attended the GSSD meeting for their positive comments on the town park. I want to especially thank Sara Laub for The Gunlock Informer. I am happy there were decisions made to keep the park. I hope we can get playground equipment for all of us to play on. I hope that we can find someone to take over the soda machine.

Ann G.

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