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Monday, November 3, 2008


By Sara Laub
All the media has said that this coming election is supposed to be the most important election, and more people are expected to vote than in previous years. There are a lot of issues at stake and people want to get the right person in office.
It is hard not to be skeptical of all the promises that candidates make. How can these candidates fix the economy and national debt when it has taken years to make them what they are?
As the candidates for president battled, I recognized that there are a lot of moral issues each one had taken opposites sides on. My skepticism was pushed aside and I understood the reality of how important each of our votes really are. They are right, there is a lot at stake during these elections.
What moral issues do you want to support for gay marriage and abortion? How much power do you want to give the government to fix the economy and make these moral decisions for us? Will their involvement help or hurt us? The choices our voted in leaders make will effect us.
We are so blessed to be in this country to have the freedoms that we do, and we are allowed to have the privilege to vote. We will get to see how important this election is as our candidates take office and see what kind of change takes place.

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