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Monday, November 3, 2008

Mike and Stephanie Joyner Family

Our families moved to Vegas in 1963, and that is where we met in our junior year of high school. We married in 1972 and had two wonderful boys Brad and Travis. Mike soon created a company we called Mobile Lube Service and ran that for over 10 years. We sold to Haycock Distributing where he stayed on for a few years. We always seemed to be going to look for property with our friends Jackie and Alan Vohs. One morning they called and said, "Let’s go look around Brookside and Dameron." So, off we went. They ran into Bob Bowler at the Veyo Merc who they knew, and he said the Bundy place was for sale. So, we came down the hill and as we drove through we saw the Mckean place for sale. We also ran into Jim and Nadine Heaton who our friends knew from roping. As it was, our house in Henderson was in the process of being sold, so we also were in the market of buying. I loved the curb appeal of the house. We called the realtor and saw the home that afternoon and made an offer. Jim Heaton was kind enough to bring my horse to Gunlock after a roping he was at and we have become good friends since then.
We now have lived here for almost 8 years and we love it. Our son Brad moved in last fall and we have his daughter Presley on the weekends. Just recently our youngest son Travis, and his wife Tilly and their 2 boys Trevan and Trace have moved in temporarily. Travis made the move because of a job in St. George and that fell through after he made the move. Travis is now working in Caliente for Haycock. There was no problem with that because they wanted to get out of Vegas like everyone else. Thank goodness we finished off the basement a few years ago. When we moved here Mike was somewhat retired. A year and a half ago Mike was asked to return to Haycock full time. With the economy being what it is, the choice was a good move for him.We have been through the floods the fires and still we would not want to be any where else. Friends said we wouldn’t like being in such a small community and we would be back. It’s been wonderful and I love it here. I feel safe and welcomed.

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