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Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Deeds in Gunlock

By Ann Gasparac
I wanted to point out some of the good things that I see going on in Gunlock. There are many people making our community great and clean!
Reed Leavitt was cleaning up Ed Bowler’s property and taking down the willows and a dilapidated shed with all its junk, and added dirt to the berm on the river, which will help in times of flooding. It really looks nice.
Joseph Smith mowed the lawn at the Town Hall and the park. Thanks Joe! And he was spotted at Peterson’s with the lawn mower too.
Derrick Laub picked up garbage along side the road. He filled 5 grocery sacks full!
The Fransis Leavitt grandkids were spotted cleaning up her yard. Nice work.
Many thanks to all those who help our community.
Editors Note: If you spot a good deed in Gunlock, then let me know. I’ll put them in the coming newsletters.

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