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Monday, November 3, 2008

Fuel Prices vs Honesty

By Ann Gasparac
When the fuel prices per barrel went up, our prices went up the same day and then the next week they kept climbing. SURPRISE?! When the prices per barrel went down to where they are now, around $62 compared to over $100 per barrel before, our prices for fuel are still up! Why?
Honesty is one of the things we pride ourselves on in this state, so why is it that only one person that we have found in this area is honest in selling their fuel? The person we have found is in Veyo at the Spanish Trail Sinclair station. This manager is being harassed by other fuel stations because the prices are honorable. When I talked with the manager at the end of October, she said that she is making the same profit that she was making before the prices were high. She said she will continue to sell fuel at the same profit she always has.
We need to let the Spanish Trail Store know that honesty IS the best policy by supporting her and her efforts to stay moral under great pressure. We need to support our local honest stores through the winter so they can stay around and help us through our crisis.

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